How and when can I donate to the White Elephant Sale?

We accept donations of gently used, good quality items year round. 

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What kind of lead time should I allow to make an appointment for a van pickup?

Please call 510-339-5919 to schedule your appointment well in advance. During most of the year the van pickup can be arranged within 2 to 3 weeks.  However, January and February are very busy months and the wait time is longer. Van Pickup Info

Are there any items you do not accept?

There are some items we cannot accept. Please check our list of items that we do not accept or ask the van driver, who has final discretion on what we can take. Please click here for our DO NOT TAKE LIST.

Are donated items tax deductible?

Subject to current IRS and tax regulations, all items donated to the Oakland Museum Women’s Board White Elephant Sale are tax deductible for income tax purposes at their present fair market value. The Internal Revenue Code places the responsibility on the donor for estimating fair market value of the property. The Oakland Museum Women’s Board is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Federal Tax ID Number is EIN: 94-3102469. Tax laws frequently change. Before making a donation, please consult with your tax advisor.

What is the White Elephant Sale BEQUEST POLICY?

The Oakland Museum’s Women’s Board (“OMWB”) will accept bequests of the contents of deceased donors’ homes for the White Elephant Sale (“WES”) subject to the following policies:

1.         Bequests to the OMWB/WES must be in writing and comply with all California legal requirements. The written bequest may be either part of a will or trust document or a separate document that is incorporated into any will or trust document. 

2.         Access to the deceased donor’s home must be provided through the executor or deceased donor’s attorney.  The OMWB/WES is not responsible for securing the home, for the contents of the home, or for damage or injury in the home.  The OMWB/WES will not act as executor.

3.         Friends or relatives may claim specific items among the contents in the home as specified in the written bequest.  The written bequest may also identify friends or relatives who may claim items of their choice in the home. Any arrangements to claim items not specified in the requests: a) must be made through the executor or deceased donor’s attorney; b) must be cleared in advance by the OMWB/WES; and c) may be supervised by the OMWB/WES.

4.         The OMWB/WES will sort and remove wanted items from the home, but is not responsible for cleaning the home and for removing or disposing of unwanted items.

5.         As with any donations to the WES, the bequest is tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code based on the present fair market value of the donated items, and it is the donor’s responsibility to estimate the fair market value.  The OMWB’s Federal Tax ID Number is:  94-3102469.

If I unintentionally donate something can I get back?

All White Elephant Sale donations are final. If you do unintentionally donate an item, please EMAIL US within three business days of your donation, and we will make every attempt to locate your item. Please note we cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate an item once it has been donated, and we ask you to carefully check and consider all your items before donating.

Is the White Elephant a participant in Amazon’s program?

Yes, to benefit the White Elephant Sale as the designated non-profit of your choice, you will find us listed under OMWB (Oakland Museum Women’s Board.) You need to remember to enter by using You can still use Amazon Prime. Based on the amount of the order you place Amazon will give back .5% of your purchase to OMWB. (The White Elephant Sale.)

What are the dates for the 2019 White Elephant Sale?

The White Elephant Sale returns to the Bay Area on Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3, 2019. On both days, the Sale hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and admission is free.  Click here for a complete discription

What is the date for the Preview Sale?

Preview Sale is Sunday, January 27, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission is $16 in advance for online e-ticket, $15 for mail-in ticket, $15 for ticket purchased at the OMCA Store, and $20 on the day of the Sale. Advance tickets are available beginning December 1, 2018.  For a full discription click here.

Click here to purchase E-TICKETS ONLINE
Click here to purchase TICKETS BY MAIL,

or you may purchase tickets from the OMCA Store. The store is open when the museum is open Wednesday through Sunday. You don’t need to buy a museum admission ticket to visit the store.

Why did I receive a wristband instead of a Preview ticket?

The wristband is your Preview entrance ticket. With wristbands replacing paper tickets, you will not be admitted to Preview without a wristband. Fit it snugly to your left wrist and show it before you enter the warehouse. Once secured the wristband should not slip off your hand.

Can Preview wristbands/tickets be purchased in advance at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA)?

Yes, please go to the OMCA Store on the 2nd floor of the OMCA at 1000 Oak Street, Oakland CA 94607. The store is open when the museum is open Wednesday through Sunday. You don’t need to buy a museum admission ticket to visit the store. As long as supplies last, Preview Sale wristbands/tickets can be purchased at the OMCA starting December 1, 2018 through January 26, 2019. For directions to the OMCA, visit their website at


Where is the Sale held?

The White Elephant Sale and Preview Sale both take place in a permanent warehouse site at 333 Lancaster Street, located on the Oakland Estuary.    
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How large is the warehouse and how do I find my way around?

Our vast warehouse is 96,000 square feet and includes 20 different selling departments.
Click here for a  WAREHOUSE MAP

Are animals allowed in the warehouse?

No animals are permitted in the warehouse, with the exception of service animals.

Are food or drinks allowed in the warehouse?

No. Food and drinks (except bottled water) are not allowed in the warehouse.

Are strollers, shopping carts or backpacks allowed in the warehouse?

No.  These items are not permitted and need to be checked.  We do provide a secure Check Stand location where you can check these items while you shop. The location is at the Lancaster Street entrance to the warehouse and is designated as a Check Stand area. Click here for a  warehouse map.

Is there a secure place to leave my purchases as I continue to shop?

There is a Check Stand location at the Derby Avenue entrance where you can leave items you have already purchased. Click here for a  warehouse map.

Is there transportation to and from the warehouse?

Yes.  During both the Preview and the White Elephant Sale a free shuttle provides transportation between the Fruitvale BART station and the warehouse. The shuttle will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sale days.  

Is parking available near the warehouse?

Parking is available but it is limited.  We recommend whenever possible coming by carpool or taking public transportation. There is free parking in the Fruitvale BART garage on weekends.  

Is handicapped parking available?

A limited number of handicapped parking spaces are available on the Derby Avenue side adjacent to the warehouse. There is ramp access at both entrances to the warehouse.

What forms of payment are accepted for purchase?

We accept cash, checks with identification, debit cards and VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards for payment of purchases.  NO American Express please!

Where do I pay for my purchases?

Each department has it's own cashier.  All items must be written up and paid for in the department where they originate.

Can purchased items be returned?

No.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  All items are sold “as is” and no returns or exchanges are allowed.

What is the pick-up policy for purchases?

All items must be picked up and removed from the warehouse on the day of purchase, with the exception of furniture and pianos. Furniture and pianos must be removed six days from the date of purchase or these items will be re-donated.

The OMWB Mural

In 2014, the OMWB contracted with three prominent Bay Area artists – Vogue, Ernest Doty and Griffin One – to paint an aerosol mural on the Derby Avenue side of its 333 Lancaster Street warehouse. Owned by the OMWB, the warehouse is the site of their annual White Elephant Sale. The mural shows the Board’s pride in Oakland and its Jingletown neighborhood. The huge mural fills the entire side of the building from ground to roofline and is approximately 240 feet long and 30 feet high, encompassing 7,200 square feet. Showing a theme of nature blending into the urban landscape, it features several prominent characters, including a White Elephant with its trunk raised high. Iconic Bay Area animals and plants are also shown.

The White Elephant Sale – A 60-Year Bay Area Tradition

White Elephant Sale Diamond Jubilee. Celebrating 60 years of fun and great bargains for the Bay Area and beyond.  The legendary annual White Elephant Sale returns to the San Francisco Bay Area on March 2 and 3, 2019 with the Preview Sale scheduled for January 27, 2019. Organized and presented by the OMWB, all Sale proceeds benefit the Oakland Museum of California.

Made possible by donations from the public, the White Elephant accepts donations almost year round. Thanks to generous donors, over the years, shoppers have been able to purchase the usual and the unusual, including a pony, paintings, pianos, cars, and estate furnishings.

Key to the success of The White Elephant Sale is a corps of nearly 1,000 volunteers. These tireless individuals are the heroes of the Sale, spending untold hours sorting, pricing and displaying the countless items that we are so fortunate to receive. We are incredibly grateful to all our volunteers and thank them for their time, dedication and effort.

Oakland Museum of California (OMCA)

The OMCA brings together collections of art, history and natural science under one roof to tell the extraordinary stories of California and its people. OMCA’s groundbreaking exhibits tell the many stories that comprise California with many voices, often drawing on first-person accounts by people who have shaped California’s cultural heritage. Visitors are invited to actively participate in the Museum as they learn about the natural, artistic and social forces that affect the state and investigate their own role in both its history and its future. With more than 1.8 million objects, OMCA is a leading cultural institution of the Bay Area and a resource for the research and understanding of California’s dynamic cultural and environmental heritage

For more information, visit the OMCA website at

White Elephant Sale 2018 Co-Chairs

Diana Berry and Kathleen Fennelly

OMWB 2017-2018 Executive Committee

Judy Wilkinson, President
Yvonne McCredie
Ina Pavey
Dana Hughes
Leslie Piels
Jo Anne Jones
Emmy Fearn
Rose Jellison
Carolyn Mahoney
Anne Chan
Sheri Guthrie
Tamra Hege
Lisa Hines
Kathleen Fennelly
Diana Berry


Women's fashion accessories: scarves and purses in all styles, plus; beauty & bath items, luggage and travel, perfume and perfume bottles, vintage hats and purses, and umbrellas.


Art materials and supplies, paintings, photographs, as well as: etchings, lithographs, ethnic and folk art, sculptures and drafting tables.


An eclectic assortment of gently used books, as well as: old books, collectible, historic and special-interest magazines, plus stamp and coin collections.


Fine and vintage china, glassware, silver, Asian collectibles, brass, clocks and pottery.


An eclectic collection of decorative and useful items, including: metal, ceramics and glass, miniatures, rocks, baskets, bottles, holiday and seasonal decorations. 


Infants and children’s clothing, furnishings and bedding. All you need to set up for a baby or small child, including strollers and cribs.


Everything that plugs into the wall — audio equipment, some vintage; lamps, chandeliers and lighting fixtures; small electrical kitchen cookware and appliances; heaters, fans, vacuum cleaners; and MORE!

WES Electronics of particular interest 2018

Adcom               GFA 545 II  Stereo Amplifier (2  available)

Adcom               GTP 600  Receiver preamp

Axiom                5.1 Speaker System   ( EP500,  M60TI, VP150 II, QS8)

Integra                ADM  2.1 Stereo Amp

Klipsch               Heresy II speakers

Marantz              2220B receiver

NAD                  1000 Preamp

NAD                  2400 THX Stereo Amp

NAD                  F7240 PE  Receiver

Nakamichi          BX-1550 Cassette Deck

Nakamichi          RX-202 Cassette Deck

Parasound           HCA500 Stereo Amp

Revox                 A77 Open Reel Tape Recorder




Indoor and outdoor furniture, plus rugs and mirrors.

Household, Hardware and Garden

For all your cooking, entertaining, serving, storing, cleaning and gardening needs, plus: medical equipment, pet supplies, tools and barbecues.


Bling — all that glitters and sparkles in all price ranges, plus: eyeglasses, tobbacciana, watches and jewelry boxes.


Fine and everyday linens for your bed, bath, table and kitchen, lots of vintage, as well as draperies, ethnic weaving and wall hangings.


BROKEN LUGGAGE in need of repair
Garment bags
Opened or partly used Hair, Bath or Beauty products 
Opened Health Care Products 
Used or opened Hosiery, socks
Travel slippers/bed socks 

Men’s Wear

Men’s clothing for all occasions and all weathers, plus men’s accessories.

Music & Photo

Musical instruments and pianos, records cds and photographic equipment.



  • All children's magazines
  • Home, Health, Fashion,NEWS
  • Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Gourmet
  • Martha Stewart
  • Reader's Digest
  • Scientific American, Smithsonian
  • Sunset Magazines (Unbound) 
  • Life (Newer than 1970)
  • National Geographic (Newer than 1960)

Reader's Digest Condensed Books (ONLY LARGE PRINT are accepted)
Computer Manuals Catalogs older than 4 years

Office Supply

Paper goods, cards, desk accessories, and personal and office organizers.


Dirty, Broken, Damaged items
Artificial Xmas Trees Taller than 2 Feet
Tree Stands, Lights, Garlands (Unless Vintage)
Outdoor Christmas decorations
Collector Plates – Franklin Mint, Bradbury Exch.


Our patio department has everything from garden furniture to bird houses.  


All sewing and craft-related supplies, notions, patterns and kits, as well as fabric and sewing machines.”


DIRTY, BROKEN, DAMAGED Furniture, Strollers, High Chairs missing trays or straps
CAR SEATS  - older than 5 years
CRIBS WITH DROP SIDES (Unless Vintage, Collectible, not intended for use with babies)
BEAN BAG OR FOAM child’s chair
PERSONALIZED ITEMS with child’s name 


Footwear for men, women and children over eight years of age.  


Sports equipment and clothing for all sports activities, including: golfing, sailing, skiing, fishing, cycling, skating, camping and exercise, plus sports memorabilia.  Now for 2018 


From 25 Hall of Fame Baseball Players

Priced individually for serious baseball collectors

AND Letters of Authenticity for each Signature

Aaron, Hank - Banks, Ernie - Bonds, Barry – Brett, George - Branca, Ralph/Bobby Thompson - Brett, George - Burton, Jim - Conseco, Jose - Fain, Ferris - Feller, Bob - Griffey Jr, Ken - Jackson, Reggie - Kaline, Al - Killebrew, Harmon - Matthews, Eddie - Mays, Willie - McCovey, Wille - Murray, Eddie - Palmero, Rafael - Robinson, Frank - Sheffield, Gary - Sheib, Carl - Stewart, Dave - Thomas, Frank - Thome, Jim - Williams, Dick


Electrical items that are:
 in non-working condition or NEED REPAIR
Air purifiers & ionizers
Appliances –
Large or Built-in, Stoves, Refrigerators,
Washers, Dryers, ALL Microwave Ovens
Cell Phones and Cell Phone Chargers
Ceiling Fans
Computer Hardware, Peripherals, Software
Console Phonograph/stereo/television units
Electrical Cords (Any Type)
Extension Cords
Fluorescent Light Tubes
Office machines –
Cash Registers, Copy Machines,
FAX machines, Printers
Hair dryers, curlers, shavers, toothbrushes, massagers
Track Lighting
Televisions of any type or size
TV Stands
*Typewriters - Electric
Typewriter Tables
Vaporizers or Humidifiers
*TYPEWRITERS Manual & Vintage OK – to Office Supply


All toys and equipment for indoor and outdoor play, plus: puzzles, costumes, games, dolls and doll houses, teaching aids, video games and cartridges, trains and models.

Women’s Wear

A wide range of women’s clothing for all seasons, including: designer, vintage, casual, business and active wear, plus lingerie and wedding dresses. 


BED related items
Box Springs
Foam Pads 
Head & Footboards w/out Rails
Futon Mattresses 
Metal Bed Frames or Bed Springs
Twin beds unless part of a set
CARPETING related items
Rug Pads 
Non-Bound Carpeting
Shag Rugs
COUCHES or Hide-a-Beds over 6’ long
DINING ROOM Tables WITHOUT matching chairs 
GLASS TOP tables (only Mid-Century)
LARGE LA-Z-BOYS - Due to limited space.
Non-electric in excellent condition okay
High-leg, push-back recliners okay
PAPASAN chairs


Car covers
Jumper cables
Tire Chains

BATHTUBS and large plumbing fixtures
Cabinet doors removed from previous site
Food or Wine
Glass Windows or Doors
Old Window Hardware (Only New)
Plumbing Fixtures (Faucets, etc)
Hot Water Heaters|
Jars (Except Canning)
Mini-BLINDS /Window blinds
Opened or partly used Medical supplies 
Pet items we cannot take
Large crates, Igloos
Pet doors
Hamster cages
Wire bird cages
Pet doors
Propane tanks
Large power tools - Shopsmith
Toilet Seats
Toxic Materials
Flammable Fluids
PAINT of any Kind
Sport Cups with Straws
Stoves of Any Kind
Styrofoam/PLASTIC Ice Chests
Tile, Ceramic
WALKERS – basic Aluminum 


Electric Blankets & Controls
The following Drapery Items:
Used Cornices
Large Valances
Metal blinds
Black-out drapes
Futon Covers
Air Mattresses or Beds, Futon Mattresses

Music & Photo

Audio Tapes – cassettes, reel-to-reel, 8-track
Cassette tape racks , carriers, cases
CD jewel cases (empty)
Video Tapes – VHS, Beta, home- recorded, blank
LP records –no boxed sets or classical
78RPM Records (Except jazz & blues)
Electric Organs
Organ music
Pianos – Grand, Full-sized upright & player
Please contact us about other pianos
Photo Enlargers / Slide Carousels
Video cameras / Camcorders
Digital cameras (unless working, complete w/memory card, battery pack, charger, cables and instructions)
Computer Manuals/catalogs older than 4 years

Office Supplies

Floppy discs + storage boxes for them
4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
Binders with Logos
Discolored photo albums (Unless Vintage)
Old phone directories
Old Rolodex containers
Outdated Calendars
Partial rolls and scraps of wrapping paper

Patio & Garden

HOSES (unless new)
Gas powered yard tools


FABRIC SCRAPS, Alteration Leftovers
FOAM Rubber 
LOOMS – Assembled or Disassembled
Magazines (sewing) except "Threads"
SEWING MACHINES we cannot take TREADLE sewing machines
INDUSTRIAL sewing machines
CABINETS without machines (empty)
Unfinished Garments


BROKEN SHOES in need of repair


NO taxidermied ANIMALS   
NO DIRTY CAMPING EQUIPMENT - Nothing rusty or soiled.
AMMUNITION/FIREARMS of Any Type including Toy Guns 
Large BOATS, Outboard Motors
CAR RACKS – for skis or bikes
• Heavy Exercise Equipment without Instructions
• Rowing Machines 
• Nordic Tracks 
• Stationary Exercise Bikes 
We only take Tunturi and Schwinn exercise bikes in working condition
• Treadmills
INFLATABLE mattresses 
SKIS, Boots and Ski Poles
TENTS, Canvas 
WINDSURFING Equipment Older than 5 Year


DIRTY OR RIPPED stuffed animals
INFLATABLE TOYS - unless new and unopened
RIDING HORSES – large, spring-type
SAND BOXES - large plastic
WADING POOLS - large plastic


Women's wear

Articles of Clothing that are:
• Soiled or Torn (except Vintage) 
• Missing Buttons or Fasteners (except Vintage)  
Panties ONLY NEW IN PACKAGE   (except Vintage)

Is there a place to store my purchases while I keep shopping?

Yes, for both Preview Sale and March Sale Days there is a checkstand.  Please see the warehouse map.